CBD CBG Crystal Resistant Distillate

CBD CBG Crystal Resistant Distillate (CRD) is a THC-Free low viscosity premium broad spectrum raw ingredient manufactured to remain viscous for up to a year, a vital characteristic for formulations requiring extended flowability. 


Our refinement method retains a generous concentration of CBD and CBG, with additional minors such as CBDv and CBT, for an unprecedented potential of 80% total cannabinoids. In this case, broadening the cannabinoid profile by including high concentrations of CBD and CBG with additional minors may allow for a more comprehensive approach to consumers needs and furthering brand differentiation. CBD CBG CRD offers versatility in product formulation presenting a variety of applications:


CBD CBG CRD Applications

  • Vapes
  • Topical Products – Creams, Lotions, Balms, etc.
  • Skincare – Serums, Creams, Masks etc.
  • Tinctures and Oils
  • Sublingual Strips
  • Capsules and Softgels
  • Edibles – Gummies, Chocolates and Other Confections
  • Base Ingredient to Create Custom Raw Ingredient Formulations


Need a larger quantity? Please contact us for custom wholesale quotes to buy larger bulk quantities or request current batch CoAs. You can also reach us via phone or email: 435.677.6363 Sales@RedMesaScience.com

CBG CBD Crystal Resistant Distillate is anti-crystallization and will remain viscous for up to 1 year. Image demonstrates the low viscosity and flowability of CBD CBG CRD
CBD CBG  Crystal Resistant Distillate is a amber translucent oil that is low viscosity and has a light aroma with a mild taste. The image demonstrates the amber color and the translucent nature of the CBD CBG oil,
CBD CBG Crystal Resistant Distillate with minors is a THC-free, non-crystallizing high potency Cannabidiol and cannabigerol raw material that will extend fluidity and stability throughout its 1 year shelf life. The low viscosity is ideal for vape pens, cosmetics, skincare and other formulations that require flowability. The 1:1 ratio of CBD and CBG combined with additional minors make up nearly 80% in total cannabinoids. The transparent state may help create visually appealing product.
CBD CBG Crystal Resistant Distillate is high in both Cannabidiol and Cannabigerol with a nearly 1:1 ratio. Its non-crystallizing properties are ideal for formulations requiring extended fluidity and stability for products such as vape juice, cosmetics, skincare, tinctures and other applications. Bulk CBD CBG Crystal Resistant Distillate is available wholesale in CBG Distillate Bulk is available at wholesale starting at 25g, 50g, 100g, 200 g, 500g, 1 kg, 5 kg 10 kgs. CBD CBG CRD with high resists crystallization making it easy to pour mix into formulations as needed directly from the packaging container.
CBD CRG CRD high Minors anti-crystallization resists crystallization Red Mesa Science Refining
CBD CBG Crystal Resistant Distillate High Minors Red Mesa Science Refining copy
CBD CBG Crystal Resistant Distiilate High Potency CBD CBG and Minors
Bulk CBD CBG Crystal Resistant Distillate for Wholesale
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Red Mesa Science & Refining's Quality Badge represents the use of an ISO 17025 accredited third party lab COAs to validate Red Mesa's CBD Isolate, CBD Distillate, CBG Isolate and CBG Distillate high quality and trustworthiness.

Delivering What We Promise

Full panel ISO 17025 Accredited Third-Party Lab COAs for added confidence.

  • 35-55%  Pure CBD Guaranteed
  • 30-40% Pure CBG Guaranteed
  • 5% (CBDv, CBT)
  • ≤ 0.01% THC
  • Made in the USA – American Grown and Processed Industrial Hemp
  • Fragrance – Mild Citrus and/or Pine-like
  • Taste – Mild Terpene taste
  • Color – Amber
The Made in the USA badge communicates that all of Red Mesa Science and Refining CBD Isolates and Distillates, CBG Iso;atesa nd Distillates, CBN Isolates and Distillates are made in the USA
THe FDA Registered Food Facility badge communicates that Red Mesa Science & Refining is an FDA Registered Food Facility
cGMP Badge demonstrates that Red Mesa Science & Refining is following current good manufacturing practices to provide high quality products with complete transparency
ISO 17025 badge demonstrates that Red Mesa Science and Refining uses an ISO 17025 accredited third party lab for COAs to communicate trust in the quality and potency of our cannabinoids.
ISO 9001:2015 certification badge demonstrates Red Mesa Science & Refining operates to the highest quality standards and is continuously improving upon procedures and methods for increased customer satisfaction.
Badge for GMP Compliant Human Food to demonstrate Red mesa Science & Refining adheres to 21 CFR 117 regulations
The GMP Compliant 21 CFR 111 badge represents Compliant Dietary Supplement processes and demonstrates Red Mesa Science & Refining adheres to 21 CFR 111 regulations
100% guarantee of satisfactions badge communicates our guarantee to customers who purchase our CBD, CBG, CBN cannabinoid raw ingredients.
The Non-GMO badge demonstrate that Red Mesa Science & Refining cbd, cbg, cbn cannabinoid raw ingredients are non-gmo
Vegan badge demostrates that Red Mesa Science & Refining's cbd, cbg, cbn cannabinoid raw ingredients are vegan.

It’s About Trust

Our ISO 17025 accredited third-party lab tests every batch for cannabinoid profile, residual solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, microbial counts and mycotoxins per R68-37 assuring our products meet our quality standards as well as current federal and state regulations (read more).

The Promises We Speak Of Are The Results We Deliver.

The downloadable CBD CBG Crystal Resistant Distillate Product Specifications Sheet provides guaranteed minimum cannabinoid concentration levels and product characteristics you can count on with each order placed.

For your convenience, we have provided a CBD CBG Crystal Resistant Distillate Sell Sheet available for download to keep for yourself or share with others. 

Thoughtful Packaging Secures Contents and Promotes Longevity

Our CBG Distillate is packaged in HDPE container to preserve freshness and shelf life by reducing light exposure and to help maintain temperature control. The screw-top lid keeps out excess oxygen and other potential contaminants as well as being tamper resistant. Our packaging comes with a label listing the Lot ID number, manufactured date and a QR code to access ISO 17025 accredited third-party CoA reports quickly.

CBD CBG Crystal Resistant Distillate For Prolonged Fluidity and Stability

Offering Innovative and Effective Solutions for Diverse Customer Needs

Produced without cutting agents or Diluents, our exclusive CBD CBG Crystal Resistant Distillate is highly refined to enhance fluidity and shelf stability to maintain consistency and appearance over time. With its anti-crystallization nature and high total cannabinoid concentration, our CBD CBG Crystal Resistant Distillate is ideally suited for formulations capitalizing upon the entourage effect, the theory that cannabinoids work synergistically together to enhance therapeutic effects. 

Learn More About CBD CBG Crystal Resistant Distillate

A Powerhouse of Synergistically Blended Cannabinoids

CBD and CBG, each on their own, interact with the endocannabinoid system, an active and complex cell signaling network that regulates and controls many of our bodily critical functions.  

Individually, CBD and CBG each offer unique properties with some even overlapping. Combining CBD and CBG with minors may produce an enhanced therapeutic effect working together to modulate various physiological processes, and when combined, the effects can theoretically multiply according to the Entourage Effect.

CBD and CBG Research and Potential Benefits

Curious about the potential benefits of CBD and CBG and other cannabinoids? Read our Research Briefs and Articles summarizing cannabinoid research and studies, with cited sources and links to the in-depth research and studies. 

Frequently Asked Questions about CBG

While further studies are needed, the most recent studies have propelled CBG into the spotlight for its distinct benefits as compared to other cannabinoids. CBG is recognized as the precursor to other cannabinoids and referred to as the “mother of all cannabinoids” in both cannabis and hemp plants. CBG is more prevalent within industrial hemp strains than in cannabis strains bred for THC (marijuana) but still a minor compound, until recently. Scientific advancements have resulted in the growth of genetically CBG-rich hemp crops to allow for greater concentration of CBG for extraction purposes.

Why Choose Red Mesa Science & Refining for Your Bulk Cannabinoid Raw Ingredients?

Prioritizing Quality Assurance – Quality is Central to Manufacturing CBD CBG Crystal Resistant Distillate

Quality Assurance is at the heart of our production process. We prioritize quality by operating under stringent guidelines to ensure our customers receive products that abide by regulations and meet or exceed industry standards.

Quality and  Regulatory Compliance at the Forefront

  • Strict Quality Management System – Under the guidance of ISO 9001:2015 certification and cGMP, our production processes are focused intently on optimal quality and safety.
  • Higher Standards – Red Mesa is uniquely held accountable to adhere to both 21 CFR Part 111 (dietary supplements) and 21 CFR Part 117 (food and beverage) standards, furthering our commitment to ensuring our CBD Isolate is of the highest quality.
  • Internal Testing Protocols – We thoroughly examine, test and analyze the CBD Isolate material through to completion. Our team of onsite scientists and chemists perform routine analytical tests throughout production to uphold our promise to guarantee the consistent delivery of products to guaranteed specifications. 
  • ISO 17025 Accredited Trustworthy and Reliable COAs – Upon completion of manufacturing, final batch-specific testing is administered by an independent ISO 17025 accredited third-party laboratory. The resulting COAs provide added confidence in verifying cannabinoid potency and compliance regarding pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, mycotoxins and any other undesirable impurities.
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