CBD Oil can be purchased as a CBD raw ingredient in the form or Broad Spectrum distillate, Full Spectrum Distillate or Crystal Resistant Distillate.

Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate is THC-Free with the broad spectrum of cannabinoids extracted and refined from the hemp cannabis sativa plant, but excludes THC to be T-Free. Full Spectrum CBD Distillate – Compliant includes the complete cannabinoid profile of the hemp plant including compliant levels of THC (≤ 0.3% THC).  CBD Crystal Resistant Distillate on the other hand is highly potent CBD with 15% or more in additional minors (CBG, CBDv, CBE), all resisting crystallization for up to one year.  CBD CRD is preferred when seeking a CBD broad spectrum blend of cannabinoids that is non-crystallizing to maintain flowability and stability throughout shelf life, such as with Vape cartridges, cosmetics, skincare, tinctures etc.  All of the CBD oils contain CBD with other minor cannabinoids that can contribute to the entourage effect.

Red Mesa is a large-scale producer of Bulk CBD, CBG, CBN, CBT raw ingredients sold at wholesale to B2B product formulators, distributors and other large-scale cannabinoid raw ingredient users.

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