Manufacturing Capabilities

innovation driven by science and technology

Manufacturing Capabilities

Innovation Driven by Science and Technology


Red Mesa’s 50,000 sq. foot facility was built to house the most advanced equipment for the distillation and isolation of hemp-derived cannabinoids. Our team of manufacturing and engineering professionals optimized the factory layout to increase workflow and to ensure expansion opportunities meet rising demand. As an ISO 9001:2015 processing site adhering to cGMP practices, professionalism exists at every level to ensure production of safe products in a meticulously clean and safe facility that meets or exceeds local, state and federal regulations. 

Red Mesa's Refinement CapabilitIes

Distillation > Crystallization > Chromatography

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Industrial scale customized distillation equipment  refines crude into high purity cannabinoids while removing impurities
Red Mesa Science & Refining industrial scale crystallization equipment produces CBD Isolate and CBG Isolate raw ingredients at bulk quantities.
Industrial-Scale Liquid Chromatography equipment is used to refine CBD, CBG, CBD, minor cannabinoids and crystal resistant (CRD)

Our two-pass process can produce CBD and CBG Concentrated Distillates or prepare the cannabinoid concentrates for further processing using crystallization or chromatography.

Red_Mesa_Wolesale_CBD_Isolate_CBG_Isolate Crystallization

Our large-scale crystallization process purifies and concentrates CBD and CBG for high-yield batch runs. The resulting products are a light, fluffy crystalline powder rich in CBD and CBG with minimal to no aroma or flavor. 


Our sophisticated liquid-chromatography system with advanced refining capabilities produces THC-Free Broad Spectrum Distillate and other minor cannabinoids.

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Operating with a commitment to continuously improve to achieve optimal quality, it follows that we place heavy emphasis on R&D, innovation and technological advancements.  We want to share in our achievements and want you to be the first to know about new product launches and our breakthroughs in engineering and science. 

High tech equipment such as Red Mesa's the ICPC rotating wheel is part of the liquid chromatography system that produces CBD Crystal Resistant Distillate - High Minors, CBG Crystal Resistant Distillate - High Minors, CBN Crystal Resistant Distillate - High Minors and CBD CBG Crystal Resistant Distillate
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