quality is who we are

Our Vision

Lead and thereby positively influence the cannabidiol industry in the efficient production and commercialization of CBD and CBG raw materials to ensure access to its benefits for all humanity.

Our Philosophy

quality is our commitment

Red Mesa Science & Refining strives to be the premier large-scale hemp processor and producer of CBD, CBG, CBN and other cannabinoid raw materials, with an unwavering commitment to consistently deliver superior quality while providing excellent customer service. We will achieve such by surpassing industry standards and adhering to the overreaching high standards we have set for ourselves. To remain at the forefront, we will continually invest in our company and heart of the business, our team, who together move our company and industry forward.

Industrial scale chromatography equipment is used to refine CBD, CBG, CBT, CBL, CBN and other cannabinoids in the 50,000 sq. ft facility at Red Mesa Science & Refining

how we do it - refinement capabilities

Red Mesa Science & Refining’s 50,000 sq. ft. facility, located in St. George, Utah, houses custom-built equipment to manufacture and distribute industrial-scale, premium CBD, CBG, CBN and other cannabinoid raw materials. To remain technologically advanced, we continue to invest in innovation and capital equipment to optimize efficiency, performance and scalability.

Our Team - a shared passion

From diverse backgrounds, the Red Mesa team came together with a shared passion for processing industrial-scale CBD CBG and CBN raw materials, helping expand its availability to all. We pursue this vision through hard work, a persistent desire for improvement and commitment to developing and empowering our employees through ongoing education and training.

Picture of two employees working side by side at Red Mesa Science reviewing data on a computer screen

Led by Professional, Experienced Leaders

Our leadership team directs Red Mesa Science & Refining with extensive experience in operations, chemical engineering, process engineering, production management, distribution, quality assurance and regulatory within the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Our science-driven cannabis/hemp cultivation and product development expertise enable us to collectively maximize efficiencies in anticipation of future market demand and regulatory requirements.  

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