Exclusive to the hemp-derived cannbinoid industry, CBN Distillate – Botanical is botanically refined to capture the naturally occurring pure essence of CBN (Cannabinol) without chemical conversions, ultimately offering a competitive edge in terms of benefits to the end-user.


Our CBN Distillate—botanical is refined to retain a high concentration of CBN, with 55% or more pure CBN and an additional 10% + in minor cannabinoids such as CBD, CBC, THCV, etc. The resulting raw CBN ingredient is an exceptionally rare, botanically refined, synergistic blend that may contribute to the Entourage Effect to offer a range of potential benefits to support sleep, pain relief, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties. 


CBN Distillate – Botanical Applications:

  • Tinctures and Oils
  • Capsules and Soft gels
  • Edibles – Gummies, Chocolates and Other Confections
  • Topical – Creams, Lotions, Balms, Salves etc.


Need a larger quantity? Please contact us for custom wholesale quotes to buy larger bulk quantities or request current batch CoAs. You can also reach us via phone or email: 435.677.6363

First to market, Red Mesa Science & Refining has developed a botanical refining method to produce CBN Distillate - Botanical at scale wihtout using a chemical conversion that is typically practiced within the hemp-derived industry. Due to the large scale production capacity, Red Mesa is able to offer botanically refined CBN Distillate in bulk 1kg. 5 kg and 10kg packaging configurations for bulk orders at wholesale pricing.
CBN Distillate Botanically Derived Botanical CBN Distillate Wholesale
CBN Distillate Botanically Derived Botanical CBN
CBN Distillate Botanically Derived CBN Distillate Botanical
CBN Distillate Botannically Derived Distillate Oil
Bulk CBN Distillate - Botanical 10 KG - 5 KG - 1 KG
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Red Mesa Science & Refining's Quality Badge represents the use of an ISO 17025 accredited third party lab COAs to validate Red Mesa's CBD Isolate, CBD Distillate, CBG Isolate and CBG Distillate high quality and trustworthiness.

Delivering What We Promise

Full panel ISO 17025 Accredited Third-Party Lab COAs for added confidence.

  • ≥ 55% Pure CBN Guaranteed
  • ≤ 0.3% THC (Federally Compliant)
  • ≥ 10% Minors 
  • Made in the USA – American Grown and Processed Industrial Hemp
  • Fragrance – Mild Citrus and/or Pine-like
  • Taste – Mild Terpene taste
  • Color – Light Amber
The Made in the USA badge communicates that all of Red Mesa Science and Refining CBD Isolates and Distillates, CBG Iso;atesa nd Distillates, CBN Isolates and Distillates are made in the USA
THe FDA Registered Food Facility badge communicates that Red Mesa Science & Refining is an FDA Registered Food Facility
cGMP Badge demonstrates that Red Mesa Science & Refining is following current good manufacturing practices to provide high quality products with complete transparency
ISO 17025 badge demonstrates that Red Mesa Science and Refining uses an ISO 17025 accredited third party lab for COAs to communicate trust in the quality and potency of our cannabinoids.
ISO 9001:2015 certification badge demonstrates Red Mesa Science & Refining operates to the highest quality standards and is continuously improving upon procedures and methods for increased customer satisfaction.
Badge for GMP Compliant Human Food to demonstrate Red mesa Science & Refining adheres to 21 CFR 117 regulations
The GMP Compliant 21 CFR 111 badge represents Compliant Dietary Supplement processes and demonstrates Red Mesa Science & Refining adheres to 21 CFR 111 regulations
100% guarantee of satisfactions badge communicates our guarantee to customers who purchase our CBD, CBG, CBN cannabinoid raw ingredients.
The Non-GMO badge demonstrate that Red Mesa Science & Refining cbd, cbg, cbn cannabinoid raw ingredients are non-gmo
Vegan badge demostrates that Red Mesa Science & Refining's cbd, cbg, cbn cannabinoid raw ingredients are vegan.

It’s About Trust

Our ISO 17025 accredited third-party lab tests every batch for cannabinoid profile, residual solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, microbial counts and mycotoxins per R68-37 assuring our products meet our quality standards as well as current federal and state regulations (read more).

The Promises We Speak Of Are The Results We Deliver.

The downloadable CBN Distillate – Botanical specification sheet provides guaranteed minimum cannabinoid concentration levels and product characteristics you can count on with each order placed.

For your convenience, we have provided a CBN Distillate – Botanical Sell Sheet available for download to keep for yourself or share with others. 

Thoughtful Packaging Secures Contents and Promotes Longevity

Our CBN Distillate – Botanical is packaged in HDPE container to preserve freshness and shelf life by reducing light exposure and to help maintain temperature control. The screw-top lid keeps out excess oxygen and other potential contaminants as well as being tamper resistant. Our packaging comes with a label listing the Lot ID number, manufactured date and a QR code to access ISO 17025 accredited third-party CoA reports quickly.

STEP CHANGE >>> CBN Distillate - Botanical Refined Without Chemical Conversions

Exploiting Innovation to Supply What the Market Seeks

Traditionally, to achieve the large-scale production of CBN Distillate, CBN is derived from a chemical transformation process using another cannabinoid as a base. Conversely, our CBN Distillate – Botanical is refined and purified using a proprietary method developed by our team based on their extensive experience and research prowess. This method captures CBN in its original form naturally from the hemp plant at scale, capitalizing upon CBN’s unique beneficial properties without initiating a chemical conversion that may introduce unintended by-products. 

Learn More about CBN Distillate - Botanical

CBN Research and Potential Benefits

In the endocannabinoid system, CBN typically binds to the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors within our bodies.  While lacking in scientific-based research compared to CBD and THC, the research that has been conducted suggests that CBN may provide sleep, anti-inflammatory, emotional support and neuroprotective benefits (a review of some of the research can be viewed here). 

Potential Analgesic Effects: Emerging research indicates that CBN may contribute to pain relief mechanisms, particularly through its modulation of CB1 receptors.

Sleep Support and Relaxation: Anecdotal evidence and preliminary studies highlight CBN’s potential in promoting sleep and relaxation. While the exact mechanisms require further investigation, CBN’s action on CB1 receptors could play a role in its sedative qualities.

Anti-inflammatory Potential – Through its interaction with CB2 receptors, CBN may offer anti-inflammatory benefits.


Neuroprotective Properties – The modulation of CB1 and CB2 receptor activity by CBN presents a promising avenue for neuroprotection research, potentially addressing neurodegenerative diseases by safeguarding neuronal health.

Frequently Asked Questions about CBN Distillate - Botanical

CBN or cannabinol is a cannabinoid that naturally occurs in the Cannabis Sativa L plant after THC is oxidized through exposure to air, heat and/or light. Other scientific methods have been developed for a more controlled, efficient extraction of CBN without relying on the degradation of THC. Traditionally, this may include chemical conversions to transform one cannabinoid into another. Unique to the market, Red Mesa Science & Refining has developed a botanical refinement method to refine and purify CBN at scale without a chemical transformation. However produced, CBN, being its own unique cannabinoid, is currently being studied for its exceptional properties and benefits, thus becoming a cannabinoid of great interest.

CBN Distillate – Botanical is botanically refined using a proprietary method that is void of chemical conversions. Typically, CBN is produced through the chemical transformation of one cannabinoid into another, but through our proprietary botanical refinement methods, Red Mesa can offer an alternative to capture a larger target audience. 

Both CBN Distillate and CBN Isolate can be botanically derived using a proprietary botanical refinement method developed by Red Mesa Science & Refining. In this case, CBN Isolate is nearly pure CBN with 95% or greater botanically derived CBN and is a fine white CBN Isolate powder devoid of any other cannabinoids. CBN Distillate – Botanical, on the other hand, is predominantly CBN but also retains other beneficial cannabinoids for a botanical synergistic blend. The choice between the two comes down to the desired CBN concentration, the addition of other cannabinoids and the preferred formulating form factor. 

CBN is not similar to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). In nature, CBN is formed from the oxidation of THC and becomes a distinct cannabinoid of its own with unique properties and effects upon completion of the process. However, since CBN can be derived from either hemp or marijuana, the levels of remaining THC can differ. Hemp-derived CBN must stay at or below the legal 0.3% THC level to be considered non-intoxicating, whereas marijuana-derived CBN can contain higher levels of THC. 

Relying solely on nature to take its course results in a small production of CBN due to the limited THC tolerance in industrial hemp. However, innovative refinement methods have enabled the production of CBN at scale, producing a high-quality, compliant CBN oil without requiring the degradation of THC. 

According to the various jurisdictions and specific laws governing cannabis, the legality of CBN can vary. CBN is derived from Cannabis Sativa L and depending on whether it is hemp-derived or marijuana-derived, the associated level of THC can differ. Marijuana-derived CBN can be associated with a higher level of THC and can be held to stricter regulations as compared to hemp-derived CBN that must remain within the legal definition of industrial hemp, ≤ 0.3% THC. To ensure legal compliance, it is best to consult with your local government officials or legal professionals who are familiar with the local laws.

The refinement of  CBN Distillate – Botanical strictly adheres to all applicable regulations and industry standards. Our manufacturing processes ensure compliance with legal limits of THC, ensuring that the product is fully compliant with the Federally regulated ≤ 0.3% THC allowance. After refinement, every batch undergoes comprehensive ISO 17025 accredited third-party testing to ensure its purity and potency, verify compliance with THC limits and to ensure that our CBN distillate complies with the removal of contaminants. COAs are available upon request, to provide complete transparency and peace of mind to formulators and their customers.

We offer CBN Distillate – Botanical in various quantities, from small quantities for R&D and small-scale formulation needs starting at 25 grams to larger volumes for commercial manufacturing in the hundreds of kgs. Our flexible ordering options allow you to choose the most appropriate volume for your requirements.

Red Mesa sells to product formulators, co-packers, distributors and other B2B customers. Bulk CBN Distillate – Botanical can be purchased at wholesale directly from our website or quoted at bulk CBN Distillate – Botanical wholesale pricing for larger quantities into the hundreds of kilograms. 

If you have any additional questions or require further assistance, please contact our sales support team. We’re here to help you make informed decisions to provide your customers with the highest quality CBD, CBG, CBN and other minor cannabinoid raw ingredients to grow brand loyalty and help protect your brand reputation.

Yes, we offer competitive volume discounts for wholesale CBN Distillate – Botanical purchases. Contact our sales team for more information on our competitive pricing structures based on order volume.

Yes, the third-party lab we send our batch-specific  CBN Distillate – Botanical samples to has been inspected and has demonstrated operational competency with the ability to generate valid testing results to earn the ISO 17025 accreditation. This level of accreditation is vital for Red Mesa Science & Refining to extend confidence in the quality of our products to our customers. (read more)

As a science-based, innovative company we collaborate with our customers providing valuable insight into helping choose the ideal cannabinoid characteristics, purity levels, blends etc. for their end product formulations. Please contact us to discuss your specific formulating needs.

Red Mesa Science & Refining has received and has maintained a comprehensive end-to-end ISO 9001:2015 certification. (read more)

Red Mesa Science & Refining is registered as a food facility with the FDA and subject to random inspections. (read more)

Yes, as a hemp processor in the state of Utah, we are required to adhere to cGMP requirements for dietary supplements and human food. (read more)

Why Choose Red Mesa Science & Refining for Your Bulk Cannabinoid Raw Ingredients?

Prioritizing Quality Assurance – Quality is Central to Manufacturing CBD Isolate

Quality Assurance is at the heart of our production process. We prioritize quality by operating under stringent guidelines to ensure our customers receive products that abide by regulations and meet or exceed industry standards.

Quality and  Regulatory Compliance at the Forefront

  • Strict Quality Management System – Under the guidance of ISO 9001:2015 certification and cGMP, our production processes are focused intently on optimal quality and safety.
  • Higher Standards – Red Mesa is uniquely held accountable to adhere to both 21 CFR Part 111 (dietary supplements) and 21 CFR Part 117 (food and beverage) standards, furthering our commitment to ensuring our CBD Isolate is of the highest quality.
  • Internal Testing Protocols – We thoroughly examine, test and analyze the CBD Isolate material through to completion. Our team of onsite scientists and chemists perform routine analytical tests throughout production to uphold our promise to guarantee the consistent delivery of products to guaranteed specifications. 
  • ISO 17025 Accredited Trustworthy and Reliable COAs – Upon completion of manufacturing, final batch-specific testing is administered by an independent ISO 17025 accredited third-party laboratory. The resulting COAs provide added confidence in verifying cannabinoid potency and compliance regarding pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, mycotoxins and any other undesirable impurities.
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