A Commitment to the Future – Leading Through Advocacy

Picture of the need for regulation and guidelines in the Hemp-derived CBD CBG and Minor Cannabinoid processing industry

Benefits of Hemp-Derived CBD CBG and Other Minor Cannabinoids at Risk

Rarely does a single crop, in this case industrial hemp, present so many benefits (and challenges) to our global community. Through the newly created role of Director of Government Affairs, Red Mesa is acknowledging the responsibility to lead through advocacy, to drive awareness around the very issues threatening its survival. This position occupied by our own, Kathleen McDowell, supports the need to help guide industrial hemp to a sensible place: ensuring its future, its potential for economic growth and environmental sustainability, and to help satisfy the consumer’s desire to explore and take advantage of its many benefits and applications.

As with any new industry, there are bound to be questions or challenges that no one could have predicted, leading regulators and consumers alike to demand policy and regulatory guidance. This position, dedicated to civic engagement, allows Red Mesa to support and advocate on behalf of the industry, for the safety and well-being of all involved, from the farmer to the consumer. It allows us to connect with brilliant minds, widen our view of possibilities within the industry, respond to concerns, and help form a common voice for fair and comprehensive legislation. Through this work we communicate we are interested in elevating expectations for ourselves, our peers, partners, and those who enjoy products derived from industrial hemp.

“Advocacy is a path of service. Through it, we seek to raise awareness and address sensitive issues. This work requires us to rise to challenging conversations and remain open to support something greater than our individual organization. The evolution of an industry is formed by the spirit of those interested in seeing its continued existence through both trial and triumph, and we are dedicated to actively fostering growth.” Kathleen McDowell, Red Mesa Science & Refining’s Director of Government Affairs

A Vital Position of Advocacy and Outreach

And so, it is with great pleasure; we introduce Kathleen who, with extensive experience in regulatory compliance, comes to this role with a rich work history in biotechnology and environmental management. As an organization, we will support Kathleen in developing and maintaining local, state and federal relationships as well as helping to craft, pass and track legislative and regulatory initiatives/activity. Kathleen will serve as our liaison to understanding the unique regional regulatory industrial hemp processing requirements here in the US and the international policies and nuances to assist in the successful expansion into international markets.

“I am humbled to step into this role to collaborate within the industry and at all levels of government. As Director of Government Affairs, a legislative path forward cognizant of the issues facing the environment, social equity, and health and wellness is a directive rather than a dream.” Kathleen McDowell

At Red Mesa, we believe this is more than a title, it’s a commitment to the future. We hope to share information through this platform, so we may unite in the common goal of supporting and promoting the benefits of Industrial Hemp.

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