Red Mesa Science & Refining logo of a science based biotechnic hemp processor prioritizing the delivery of consistent high quality cannabinoid raw ingredients through its dedication to operational excellence.

Red Mesa Science & Refining is a B2B industrial-scale hemp processor whose customers include large-scale product formulators, including white labelers, co-packers, and contract manufacturers.

Through meticulous management and its world-class manufacturing capabilities, Red Mesa intends to advance the industry forward both professionally and responsibly with the reliable and efficient production of Cannabinoid raw ingredients, accelerating commercialization to ensure access to all whom desire its benefits.

Acting upon the highest level of integrity, we will accomplish this through demonstrated competence and forthrightness in our operations and products, delivering confidence to our customers in their own end-product formulations and brand reputation. Daily, we endeavor to build trust within this volatile industry through the prioritization of the consistent delivery of high quality, pure CBD, CBG and other minor cannabinoid raw ingredients with full conformance to current state and federal regulations.

  • FULL CAPABILITY REFINER: High Quality US-grown hemp input is processed and refined in our 50,000 sq. ft. facility using four gates of operation: Distillation, Crystallization, Liquid Chromatography and Conversion to guarantee purity and potency with complete traceability. Read More
  • QUALITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY: ISO 9001:2015 certified and cGMP adherent, Red Mesa operates to both CFR 111 and 117 dietary supplements and food requirements to ensure the consistent delivery of quality at the highest level. Located in Utah, we are held to the strictest testing parameters, requiring the lowest detection levels of harmful chemicals or organisms, as validated by ISO 17025 accredited third-party lab COAs. Read More 
  • SCIENCE, ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY FOCUSED: We value research innovation and its critical role it plays in our industry’s growth. As a science and technology-based company, our engineering and laboratory teams are driving innovative methods from R&D to industrial scale, while also continuously seeking improvement within ourselves and in our methods, processes and technologies in support of our vision.
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